July 17, 2012

Online Poker Bot News

Greetings On-line Poker Sharks,

Situation an update to keep you informed while using recent developments towards the poker bot software. Listed below are the present items of curiosity:

Full Tilt Software upgraded on Thursday March. 15 after which on that Identical DAY we released Holdem Bot version 4.4.3 which fixed the bot for your upgrade. Through the handful of several hours i had been lower the 'Use OCR' function began in and saved everybody in the sport (you'll be able to only wager additional amounts 2 or 3 max tables if the function gets control).

In the event you missed version 4.4.2, we enhanced the bot functionality at Bodog to make sure that it handles table modifications in competitions better. It will now uncheck the 'Auto Sitout' button should it have you ever gotten checked in the tournament without any reason. And so the current Holdem Bot is running at peak performance levels at Bodog. This is often a very soft room as well as the free "Doodle" profile we offer is just spanking the cash games there, along with the MTT type of the Doodle is scoring deep final table tournament finishes regularly. Uncover botting at Bodog you need to be.

The completely new custom wager sizing feature is working well and may be from beta soon. There's been no complaints connected having a bugs let us concentrate on a long time, and for that reason the majority of the free profiles inside the forum (like the Doodle) have recently been enhanced with the help of custom wager dimensions for the code.

The community forum is busy! Our individuals are searching toward their results lately and possess been talking about techniques and tips about easy freerolls and soft games. Industry has truly grown and individuals sell or purchasing and selling stuff they they have created for the bot. One of the better things in there's "Bot Commander" having a great free version (along with the licensed version is really cheap). This easy little add-on software allows you to definitely play SNG's all day long lengthy extended without registering on their own account, or play competitions that start several hours ater you've left your computer (among capabilities).

Doodle version 52 was only released and contains made great strides. This profile just keeps enhancing and which is now playing as being a champion. The MTT version is routinely making the money inside the "daily dollar" at Full tilt, outlasting 8,000 rivals inside the greatest fields in on-line poker. There've even been a few final table finishes reported! You'll be able to download this profile totally free inside the private area of the forum.

The Omaha Hi-Lo bot is starting to obtain a substantial number of fans. I guess we could thank member "SaucedUp" for the as they is selling an offer of profiles (very cheaply) that are being considered to be "reliable.Inch Including profiles written for Omaha Hi-only games that are receiving specific reviews (yes this bot may have that game getting a customized profile). There seems to become boom in online PLO games at this time around, which we hear the tables are full of newbie-sea food who think top-pair is a superb submit that game! And this seems as being a pretty good possibility.

That's all for the moment. Obviously, all existing license holders have the latest Holdem Bot upgrade totally free. You'll be able to download version 4.4.3

To relish the MTT's, crushing the sea food at Bodog, and washing the simple conserve the Omaha games.