July 15, 2012

New Holdem Bot Features

Greetings. The other day you requested our Holdem Bot software with an evaluation. We just preferred to come back together with you and also discover how the situation is going. Hopefully you possess an chance to look at the 200-hands trial at this time. For individuals who've questions relating to this, you are able to answer this email and we are very happy to help with them.

The initial factor new clients usually have to know about is the best way to create, save, and cargo different profiles for a number of game conditions. There is also a plethora of possibilities to accomplish this and they are all easy.

You'll find presently 33 quick designs round the option menu will alter the bot's play. Things like the minimum hands strength you have to call a rise from the moment the board is paired, etc. Additionally, there are an "aggressive tournament setting" that will tell the bot when you shove all-in, with various quantity of factors (such as the way your stack size relates for your hands strength).

Whenever you undergo and choose the designs you need for just about any certain type of game, it will save you that profile while using "Write Profile" command round the Holdem menu. Now you can load it quickly whenever you want it. You may even put it to auto-load once your stack size can get low or the quantity of rivals while dining can get low. You will find typically the most popular designs for a number of game types relating to this forum thread: