July 26, 2012

Holdem Poker Bot Tournament Results

Greetings Poker Sharks,

You will find lots of large competitions that start happening this time around of the year. That produces lots of action, with large juicy online MTT and satellite occasions that may land inside a public final table. So, we desired to update yourself on how a lot of our forum people did the MTT using our Holdem Bot.

As numerous individuals know, free Package MTT Egor merges using the profile of Doodle perform a bot solid tournament. This can be a extremely popular for MTT'S profile among our people. For entertainment today, I looked at through posts around the thread Package MTT from 1 The month of january this season and drawn a few of the recent feedback reviews for you personally. Bear in mind these are unrequested, unedited by real people posting on that thread after while using profile:

Bally people stated:

"I awoke today to determine the new doodle was final tabled a really nice large area tournament. Congratulations Yegor! "" I believe probably the most impressive to date for me personally it had been a really fine finish placed within the 50000 competitions player ... really incredible, didn't even consider a hands performed. "

Member TheRise states:

"I must say ...Ive used this 6 profile competitions to date. .. and i have finished in strengths "

Member cookie75 stated:

"218 of 3215 in deep stack Ten Dollars on f/t bending my money texas Yegor"

Member Snipez states:

"guy Doodle MTT always ever better. I began a Three Dollars NL 9max by using it and left to visit a fitness center for a few hrs. After I came home i'd grown to 500 participants and that i was well within the money instead of 25 35 left. that's completely alone at that time, i quickly assumed and most likely performed worse than he'd doodle lol. doing a fantastic job of Egor! "

People rednose states:

"Finished the very best 9 inside a 90 's & G around the very first time, not so smart of cash but enough to pay for my research and development yesterday."

"Came a decent 450 from multi entry area ' 000 in another freeroll last evening too"

"constant top finishing 10%"

People Khiladi states:

"hey this can be a very solid eggor profile .... my first 2 tries in daily dallor tourny ... both occasions made the cash well"

Member SomeMoxie stated:

"Just happened to create a final table and went lower to five and 6 gamers"

Member BubbaJ states:

"I set up 65 from a area of 7500 inside a tournament of $ 24"

Member TeeBor stated:

"2° to 150 person Five Dollars left for work, he came back inside a nice surprise doesn't have statistics about this point but Ive been made up a great deal, very solid!!!"

Member lpndj6 stated:

"Really it went Doodle74MTT last evening in Round 1 freerolls and really won a chair"

People Seneca stated:

"simply to test everything out I put my bot just Shanky person 7500 freeroll at foot, required a NAP and also the darn factor finished within the top 15, totally without assistance! I went within the good reputation for the hands, solid poker, performed great steals good and re-steals, great profile Yegor and ideal product. Thanks men! "

Berne people stated:

"Finished within the top 50 on FTP Daily Dollar. The camping was 8000 . I had been amazed by the prosperity of doodle bluff at certain points. Congrats, Yegor! "

Member BullyBotter stated:

"I attempted it inside a 1000 player Tourney I finished in tenth place (River combined and my wire nut lost for any boat) for any nice slice of change."

Member jack0121 stated:

"Finished within the top 45 in DD now. Absolutely amazed using the benefits-I initially somewhat fortunate to get roughly 12000 chips at the begining of to mid game. After that having a deep stack nearly every fold, call or raise was the correct one. It appears in my experience when cale itself ready of getting a dominant position within the stack we often stay there and never piss everything away as Donks on MTT more compact "

Now that's are just some of the feedback from only one The month of january with this profile MTT free (that clients receive once they buy bots). There's greater than this past year. Should you care catch on this thread the MTT itself could be combined with any cash game profile, and it is situated within the first publish from the thread, together with instructions for mixing. However a version already combined with the Doodle last profile was already accomplished for you and also is definitely late within the thread-beginning to end and work backwards before you think it is. All you need to do is copy, paste and cargo it in to the bot. (FYI the Doodle can be version 79 now.)

Obviously, using more than 4600 customers within our forum now, you will find all options too. MTT profiles both Pokerbrat and bullet are extremely popular and therefore are filled with high money also reviews their thread finish. We've something for everybody nowadays.

That's all for the time being. If you've been passing up on the action MTT that it's not necessary to any more-our Holdem bot could possibly get in onto it having a couple of clicks. (Not have to be around once the tournament begins.) Help you in the final table.