July 26, 2012

Holdem Bot Graphs

Greetings Poker Sharks,

We have lots of new those who are interested in seeing the performance graphs within our poker bot by experienced botters. A great choice to discover these is at personal journals players (an individual part of our community forum) along with the market profiles on individual profile thread. Before anybody sell a merchant account inside our market you have to produce a graph from the hands no less than 30,000 (or 100 most current listings for a SNG/MTT's profile).

Don't spend sufficient time inside the section journals personally, these days I made a decision to browse only a few threads that have recent posts. A couple of of those had charts released, therefore i thought I'd repost it freely and share these with you. This primary one was released by people "Chuck Norris" and 19,000 shows hands carried out while using last profile "Doodle" in cash games as of this second NL5 originates from "Member" that's danv practically the identical factor, that's .02/.05 blinds NL Holdem ring game at Full Tilt which is for 11,000 hands up to now:

http://internet.bonusbots.com/11k.digital both of these males seems being winning getting an interest rate of roughly 3 large blind and 5 large blinds per 100 hands carried out, that's appropriate of these bets. The graphs show the lovely up-trend that could reasonably be likely to keep. Now keep in mind people winnings don't include rakeback bonus or deposit removed. At Full Tilt can apparent the very first deposit bonus 1000 Dollars in 6-8 days to see these games NL5 (in the event you play 3-4 tables for 8-10 several hours every day 6 days each week) and everything will prove helpful inside the winnings.

Both of these individuals are simply using free Doodle's profile that is included with the bot. Needs to be fact we have just released the Doodle 80 version a couple of days ago which is unquestionably the most effective version yet. You will find seen play lately, you have to. Doodle 80 is becoming accessible in release 5..7 within our Holdem Poker Bot you could the following graph is certainly a fascinating Member "adreader" that has created its special profile to see 1-table SNG:

These were all 20 Dollars 2.00 Buyin NL Holdem SitnGo single-table, and as you have seen after 500 games he's about Two Hundred Dollars. That's sufficient for small games-game. Adreader learned to produce your profile using PPL just reading through with the manual and kidding around from it. He'll be the first ones to explain how if they can take action, nearly any decent poker player possible. (He should sell a small volume of its profiles inside our market soon).

Also preferred to update the job "rags to riches" an connect "cosmo27." In the event you remember a few several days ago that started getting a zero bankroll playing freerolls and investing themselves to strict bankroll management rules to determine which measures you're going to get. His bankroll is becoming around $ 850 if you do wild changes around 500 Dollars. Many of us are rooting for him to combine that elusive mark of 1 Dollar,000. You can that challenge here (you need to log towards the forum):

No, $ 850 is not earth-breaking, bear in mind started with no cent now features a nice bankroll to see with. All hands within the defiance were carried out by poker bot, frequently throughout sleep or working. We feel that's pretty awesome.

That's all for the moment. Enjoy 80 Doodle and assist you to inside the cage.

Best wishes