July 15, 2012

Holdem Bot FYI 2

Greetings. A week ago you asked for our Holdem Bot software to have an evaluation. We simply desired to return along with you and find out how situations are going. Hopefully you have an opportunity to watch the 200-hands trial right now. For those who have any queries about this, you can answer this email and we're pleased to assist with them.

The very first factor new customers usually need to know about is how you can create, save, and cargo different profiles for various game conditions. You will find a number of ways to achieve that and they're all easy.

You will find presently 33 quick configurations around the option menu you can use to change the bot's play. Such things as the minimum hands strength you need to call an increase from the time the board is paired, etc. There's also an "aggressive tournament setting" which will tell the bot when you should shove all-in, with different number of factors (including the way your stack size pertains to your hands strength).

When you undergo and select the configurations you would like for any certain kind of game, it can save you that profile using the "Write Profile" command around the Holdem menu. You can now load it rapidly when you require it. You may also place it to auto-load whenever your stack size will get low or the amount of competitors while dining will get low. You'll find the most popular configurations for various game types about this forum thread: