July 15, 2012

Holdem Bot Final Reminder

Case a courtesy indication the next major upgrade in our popular Holdem Bot software is going to be launched shortly, and knowning that upgrade comes a cost increase towards the $129 license fee. Anybody who will get their license today will get the low cost however, because all existing license holders always obtain the upgrades at no cost.

Also, we've been getting lots of questions regarding competitions recently. For that record, we (the designers) think that MTT's are in which the real cash is within internet poker. The higher the better. More records inside a tournament doesn't lower your chances that much, since the gamers who're busting out happen in an tremendously greater rate. However the prize pools tend to be bigger.

Better still would be the "guaranteed" competitions like the ones that demonstrate in crimson around the Full Tilt lobby, or those that set off all day long lengthy at Bodog. Search for guaranteed MTT's where the amount of entires are unsuccessful of the items could be required to satisfy the guaranteed amount. That produces a mathematical overlay for each player. The overage is compensated through the poker site, subsidized by all of the cash game gamers having to pay everything rake.

The truth is good gamers also have an overlay in MTT's anyway because there's a lot dead money that turns up on their behalf. It's been believed that as much as 25% of large tournament gamers have near to a zero possibility of creating a high final-table finish. You just need a great MTT profile for the Holdem Bot (like the "buzman" profile published on our website) and also you have a nice edge. It is just dependent on time before won by you one.

Lately a lot of our clients have reported fantastic finishes in large MTT's while using Holdem Bot. There is a first place from 350 reported lately that the bot performed the whole tournament, along with a 3rd place from 800 in which the bot owner only required over when 3 gamers continued to be (he swears he'd have won it if he just allow the bot listen to it out). These men both cashed many 100s of dollars in prize money.

We have lots of clients who're tournament pros and just make use of the bot to experience the "boring" first three hrs on their behalf. They have started to rely on it within their daily process.

If you wish to get yours prior to the license fee rises, listed here are the merchandise links again.