July 17, 2012

Holdem Bot Farewell

Hi again. This is actually the last in our follow-up messages for the

Holdem Bot trial download request. It's also our final indication

the license fee is going to be elevated, once we are extremely close

to posting the following major upgrade. Whoever you hire, we

certainly we do hope you loved having fun with the demo.

There are bought your license right now, we are able to only assume

that you've a compelling reason behind not receiving the best toy

on the web. One which really will make you money and train you

to become a better poker player along the way. However we all do respect

the truth that here's your decision to create.

We want to explain that people sell an Omaha Hi-Lo poker

bot too, just in case Texas Hold'em just is not your factor. That

method is exceptional. It plays in an expert-level in a game title known

for it's fishiness. Actually the bankroll shifts for Omaha Hi-Lo are

under for Texas Hold'em, because a lot of correct strategy

is dependent simply on beginning hands selection and drawing simply to the

nuts. There exists a great profile for Pot Limit MTT's if you're

thinking about the Omaha/8 bot.

If you're concerned about possible challenge with the poker sites, we

want to explain we've offered near to 1,000 copies of

our poker bots and never one customer has ever endured any problems at

any one of our supported poker sites because of with them. The

poker rooms just don't appear in your thoughts 100s of individuals having to pay rake

on auto-pilot for hrs on finish every single day.

There's still time to obtain the Holdem Bot license for just $129,

although not much. Make an effort to to rush if you're thinking about getting

it. Seriously. You will not be sorry. The way in which situations are going, in

six several weeks the present cost might be tripled.

Better of fortune for you always, regardless.