July 13, 2012

Holdem Bot Contest: SNG Starter Package 2

As you can tell he's doing a lot better than simply break even. With this profile plus software starter SNG, are fit to visit following the $ 11,300 as a whole available sign-up bonuses from ten different poker rooms that now supports our bot. You heard right, sign-up bonuses that total now $ 11,300. It's all regulated awaiting you. Have you got a spare PC? Otherwise, acquire one-or use a virtual machine on your computer good-and set miracle traffic bot to operate all individuals bonus bagging, while are available.

We simply sell usually a few licenses each day on nowadays of commencement week (we are running this promotion above), then individuals who purchase a license from now through Wednesday, stands a good chance of winning this package.

We'd however explain the instruments that comprise the prize within this design are luxuries. Certainly you are able to removing these first time deposit bonuses in NL cash game simply while using default profile that accompany the bot, that is now in version 95 and it is playing a great game tight-aggressive. As well as the rest of the excellent free profiles can be found in our discussion board. So whatever way for you to do it, it's there to take.

That's all for the time being. Best of luck for that contest and we'll see at checkout.