October 14, 2017

New profile: MTT Butcher

Searching on the web we have found a new profile called MTT Butcher. It is not an official shanky forum profile, but you may want to check out:

source: http://www.shankybotprofiles.com/p/mtt-butcher.html

- It's a well designed hybrid profile mixture with many modifications and private parts.
- You will not find this on the official shanky forum!
- The price may increase to avoid the over saturation.
- Potential future updates: 5$ administration fee for previous buyers (only for MTT butcher)

Video Preview:

MTT Butcher - Large or Small field MTT profile

MTT Butcher is a highly aggressive tournament profile. A good mixture of some official shanky forum profiles: KGB Advanced, Millenium, Event Horizon, WebMTTAggGen2 + our private code parts and modifications.

The profile uses aggressive bluffs and well calculated push codes for critical situations. It uses the fold equity as many time as possible! It goes for the winning and not for the ITM!

It has also a well playing HU strategy to give a good fight for the first place!

The profile has been well performed in several type of MTTs. Recommended Buyin range: 1$-20$

It has more than 25000 code of lines (with spaces) And the size is above 2MB. Some original profile parts has been modified too.

Main parts of the profile (you can fold-unfold parts with Notepad++):

  • User-Defined Codes
  • TotalInvested Stuffs and Calling ShortStack
  • Heads Up 
  • Premium Hands
  • Basic +EV Open Push <=13 StackSize
  • -EV Push Strategy
  • Open Raise >= 26 DeepStack SpeedyGonsales Mod
  • Early Stage Strategy: <100 BBS
  • Open Raise 15-22 StackSize
  • Open Raise >= 26 StackSize
  • Raise to Limps <26 StackSize
  • Raise to Limps >= 26 StackSize
  • +EV (any Limp before)-Raise-Push Range <26 StackSize
  • Re-Steal Push (3Bet) Strategy 9-26 StackSize
  • Basic +EV Re-Steal Push Code
  • 3-Bet Raise, StackSize >= 26
  • Squeezing 3-Bet, StackSize >= 11
  • 4-Bet Raise
  • 5-Bet-Allin
  • Flatting One Raise, StackSize >= 26
  • Kill the ShortStacks
  • Stealing From Mid-Stack, Mid Stage
  • Limp >=22 StackSize
  • Blockers
  • WebMTTAggGen2   v6_0_1  MOD   preflop
  • Final Stuffs
  • TotalInvested Call Allins Stuff
  • LateStage Flop C-Bets
  • AA KK call allins
  • AK Play
  • SBRaiseminToBB
  • Lonely SB Call
  • Against Small Bets
  • IP Flatted Preflop
  • OOP Flatted Preflop
  • IP PreFlop Aggressor, Flop C-Bets
  • OOP PreFlop Aggressor, Flop C-Bets
  • Chaos Stuffs
  • WebMTTAggGen2   v6_0_1   FLOP
  • KGB 3.73   FLOP
  • EH1.5 Full FLOP
  • Millenium v51 FLOP Parts
  • TotalInvested Call Allins Stuff
  • LateStage Turn C-Bets
  • WebMTTAggGen2   v6_0_1 TURN
  • KGB 3.73   TURN
  • EH 1.5 Full TURN
  • Millenium 5.1 TURN
  • TotalInvested Call Allins Stuff
  • LateStage River C-Bets
  • Millenium 5.1 Parts
  • WebMTTAggGen2   v6_0_1   RIVER
  • KGB 3.73   RIVER
  • EH 1.5 River

in 2017. Aug. A customer shared: he took the 1st place on a $22 tournament with this profile:

source: http://www.shankybotprofiles.com/p/mtt-butcher.html

October 13, 2017

Earn Bitcoin with your Poker Bot

More and more online poker rooms are accepting Bitcoin deposit and withdrawal, therefore now you can easily earn bitcoin with your poker bot!

Among those that our Poker Bot currently supports rooms from Winning Poker Network (VPN) which accept US players: America’s Cardroom, Blackchip Poker, True Poker. And Chico Network: BetOnline Poker, Sportsbetting.ag which also accept US players and bitcoin.

In addition, Neteller recently began accepting Bitcoin deposits – which pretty much means you can now use Bitcoin for online poker at any poker site you choose, if you live in a country that Neteller services.

The Bitcoin enthusiast community is an interesting group of people. They seem to be rebels at heart, seeking to live and conduct their personal business freely, outside the oppressive constraints of government scrutiny over every personal financial transaction. Well, who can blame them? Online poker is a good fit for this crowd, as cash moves back and forth across the felt free from outside interference. Bitcoin is essentially online cash, so its presence should only help the online poker industry which has been so negatively affected by unjustifiable government harassment in so many international venues. We feel this is a step back in the right direction. Poker players should be able to play where they want when they want, globally. We all desperately wish to see a return to those days.
Here are the best places to buy/sell bitcoins:

bitpanda.com (EUR based)

localbitcoins.com (any currency)

coinmama.com (USD based)

October 9, 2017

Poker Bot 8.7.2 Upgrade Notice

Holdem Poker Bot version 8.7.2 fixes some lingering issues with BetOnline and several iPoker rooms that changed minor points on their layout.  This is a stable version of the bot and is back to playing like a champ at these sites. You can download it right now, here:

These customers had good days with it recently:

“Just had a $200+ profit day with the bot playing micro MTTs”

“Watching the Wild Bill profile currently up 10x my buy-in at two different cash tables.”

…and this chart shows the results of a customer grinding NL10 6-max cash tables over 57,000 hands using various cash game profiles available in our forum.

Current site support includes:

iPoker support: Titan, Bet365, Betfair, Betclic, Ladbrokes, William Hill, Winner,  and Netbet

888 Poker & Bodog are both still supported, including Bodog88 in Asia and South America

USA Players:  America’s Cardroom, Black Chip, True Poker, BetOnline Poker, Sportsbetting.ag, and Ignition Casino.

France: The bot currently works at Betclic.fr in both the French and English language

Italy: Eurobet.it, Titanbet.it, and Bet365.it all now work in both the Italian and English languages, plus the bot now seems to be working on betfair.it as well

Spain: 888.es

That’s it for now. If you need a license, there’s a link for buying one on the bot itself. Have fun at the summer poker tables and we’ll see you or your bot at the final table soon.