October 24, 2016

New Holdem Bot Results October

Now that our Holdem Bot is working well at 888 Poker, a handful of new iPoker rooms, Ignition Casino, Bodog, Americas Cardroom, plus a few others, our members are boasting:
“Last night the bot came in 2nd, unassisted, in a free $5000 "Blast Off" tourney at 888 -- with the winnings I entered it in a $30 buy-in today and it won me $105”
“Cashed out 10 x my buy-in on 2 different cash tables with the Wild Bill profile!”
“Playing MTTs with the bot I'm making a LOT of final tables…”
Here’s a new graph posted by a customer using the Sonic profile at Turbo SNGs:

By the way, Turbo & Super Turbo SNGs are totally lit for clearing deposit bonuses, especially when used in conjunction with an SNG Starter (an add-on program available in our forum). When you have this setup, the bot just keeps joining them and playing them for you all day long while you’re at work or fishing. As you can see above, it’s possible for the bot to actually beat these things for playing profits in addition to clearing your bonus or earning rakeback.
The latest version of the Holdem Bot can be downloaded right now, here:
Which profile to use is a personal decision and matter of great debate, seeing as we have so many good ones these days. I would suggest starting with one you like and then learning to tweak it here and there even more to your liking, so you end up with something unique. Don’t worry! This is easy to do, and we’re happy to help you with it in the forum.
That’s it for now. Have fun at the tables and we’ll see you or your bot at the cashier window soon.

October 5, 2016

New Poker Bot Info/news October

The current version of the Poker Bot is 8.2.5. If you have a prior version, you should probably download the upgrade, here:

888 Poker finally upgraded in the UK, so the UK 888 Poker setting on this version of the bot is no longer necessary for UK players (and we would advise against activating it now).  Our list of supported sites is growing strong again, resulting in these recent unsolicited customer comments:

“I’m doing well botting cash games at Bet365 again. Thanks for getting them re-supported.”

“I entered the bot in an MTT last night.  With a field of 220, I came in 2nd, and cashed $156! The bot lost at HU with pocket KK, and was beat by the villain who had pocket 44.”

“My bot has been making frequent final table finishes in large-field MTTs lately (500-2000 players) thanks to the KGB profile.”

Speaking of the KGB profile, here is a recent graph posted in our forum showing results from it botting only free-rolls: 

Starting with a bankroll of zero and letting the bot loose on free-rolls (and then $1 MTTs) is the best risk/reward ratio you’ll find in online poker. We’ve had members build 4-figure bankrolls this way in the past, without ever making a deposit. You just can’t beat that.

Current iPoker support includes: Bet365, Betfair, and Ladbrokes on the new software -- and Titan in venues where they still offer the classic iPoker client.

888 Poker is now supported in the UK as well as continental Europe.

For our USA players:  the bot now supports Ignition Casino, America’s Cardroom, plus three other WPN skins (including 5 Dimes Shark Tank) in addition to Full Flush.

Bodog is now re-supported for the rest of the world as well.

We have so many good profiles to choose from in our forum these days, you’re going to be in good shape no matter which game-type you want to bot. And hey -- if you see a move you aren’t thrilled with, it will take you only seconds to tweak the profile to play that situation differently in the future. Poker botting is awesome, man. If you haven’t been doing it lately, now’s the time to get involved again.

That’s it for now. If you need a license, there’s a link for buying one on the bot itself. Have fun at the tables and we’ll see you or your bot on a final table very, very soon.

September 21, 2016

Ignition, Bovada, Bodog, & Ladbrokes all now supported in our Poker Bot

We’ve been busy. Holdem Poker Bot 8.2.4 adds support back for Bovada, Ignition Casino, Bodog, and Ladbrokes Poker – all of which upgraded software recently. At the end of this month Bovada transfers to Ignition, but the bot supports both right now. Download Poker Bot 8.2.4 here:

With the addition of Ladbrokes Poker we want to welcome back our Belgian players. We know you’re happy about all this, and so are we. We’re also happy about these recent customer reports:

“My bot just scored a €700 win in an MTT!”

“The 6-Pack profile is the best rakeback grinder I have ever seen. I am very pleased with my results.”

“My bot is currently hitting a 115% ROI at iPoker tournaments. Way to go on this software, Shanky.”

And since Ignition is taking over Bovada, let’s not forget about this $2400 tournament win one of our members scored using the KGB profile there in a $20+2 tourney:

So that means we currently have support for 7 USA-friendly sites (if we count Bovada + Ignition, all four WPN sites -- Americas Cardroom, etc -- and Full Flush Poker).  And with Ladbrokes supported we are up to 3 on the new iPoker software, plus the bot still works at Titan in most venues where they continue to provide the classic iPoker software. Also, 888 Poker is working in both continental Europe and the UK, among other places.

Things are heating up. Stop by our forum to hear the latest chatter on all the best profiles, but do certainly take the time to tweak your own profile as well, because that’s where the real satisfaction is to be found in poker-botting. And it’s not difficult to do with our bot – it really isn’t. We are more than ready to help you with that in the forum.

That’s it for now.  If you need a license, there’s a link for buying one on the bot itself. Have fun at Ignition, Bodog, and/or Ladbrokes and we’ll see you or your bot at the cashier window soon!

September 5, 2016

Poker Bot September Update

Hold’em Poker Bot version 8.2.1 has been posted. This patch fixes the bot for the latest 888 software update, which seems to have occurred everywhere except in the UK. So UK residents don’t need the update, but everyone else can download it right now, here:

You knew we wouldn’t leave you hanging on an 888 update, right? Never! Especially with our customers posting recent feedback like this:

“The bot took 1st in the $10 + 1.00 from 350 contestants and won $735!”

“My bot is CLEANING UP at one of your supported sites…”

“I’m still new, but my tournament winnings with the bot are around $300.00 so far, being ITM around 20%. Playing small, .50 & 1.00 buy-ins only.”

…And this graph was posted by a customer using the popular cash game profile Retribution at NL5 (.02/.05 blinds) cash tables: 

poker bot graph
poker bot graph

You gotta love that risk/reward ratio, right? Grinding hundreds in profits putting only $5 at risk at a time.
Current supported sites besides 888 include Betfair and Bet365 Poker on the new iPoker software, in addition to Titan Poker where they still offer the classic iPoker software. America’s Cardroom, Black Chip, and 5 Dimes are all still supported on the WPN network. Full Flush is still supported on the Equity network.
You aren’t spending 5-6 hours playing an entire tournament yourself, are you? Why waste that kind of time? Let our bot get you to the money then take over fresh. One of our members did just that two weeks ago in the big $150K Sunday tournament and made the final table, missing the $45K first prize by only a few spots. You have a lot of options when our Poker Bot is in your arsenal!
That’s it for now. If you need a license, there’s a button for buying one on the bot itself. Have fun at the tables and we’ll see you or your bot at the final table soon.

August 15, 2016

Betfair Re-Supported in Poker Bot

Poker Bot version 8.1.9 re-supports Betfair on the new iPoker software. It can be downloaded right now, here:

Be sure to read the new iPoker setup instructions in the updated user manual. We got Bet365 and Betfair back so far, plus the bot still works at Titan in venues where Titan still offers the classic iPoker software. Please let us know which other iPoker sites you’d like to see re-supported.

Recent feedback has been good:

“The bot final tabled a $22 MTT with 1,600+ entries for $900+”

“I am seeing an 11% ROI in SNG's using Webbers SngGen2 profile”

“The bot just finished 2nd out of 220 entrants for a $156+ cash -- yee haw!”

…And here is a screenshot of a $2400 win one of our customers sent us. The bot was using the KGB profile and played the entire $20+2 tournament, eventually taking it down:

Current support includes 888 Poker, the above mentioned iPoker rooms, Bodog & Bovada, Americas Cardroom, Black Chip Poker, plus a handful of others. We’re working on adding more sites in the coming months as well.

You’ll find an assortment of ready-made profiles available in our support forum targeting different game types, including aggressive 6-max cash table profiles. Our advice is to go with one you like and then learn to start tweaking it even more to your liking with a line of PPL code here and there. This is easy to do, and very newbie-friendly -- so don’t leave that part of you poker-botting experience undiscovered.

That’s it for now. If you need a license, there’s a link for buying one on the bot itself – or feel free to reply to this email if you’d like purchasing instructions for the different ways we have of accepting payment these days. Have fun at Betfair and we’ll see you or your bot at the cashier window soon.

July 18, 2016

Poker Bot takes 2nd in $25K GTD

Great news, you can go outside this summer and enjoy the weather. You can also take time to watch the WSOP if you like, because our bot will keep playing for you. Not only that, it will play pretty damn good, as these recent unsolicited customer comments reveal:

“Playing 6-max SNGs with the 6-pack profile and 90% in the money Monday-Friday, great job on this profile!”

“My bot had a BIG winning day today in cash games! Like so big I’m blown away!”

“First: Bot took 4th in a Freeroll at ACR today. Second: Put some of that money immediately to work in an MTT and now watching it at the Final 5.”

…And this screenshot was sent to us from someone who used the KGB Profile to take 2nd Place in the $25,000 Guarantee at Americas Cardroom for a $910 payday:

The current version of the Poker Bot is 8.1.6 and you can download that right now, here:

This version works at 888 Poker, Americas Cardroom, Bodog & Bovada, BetOnline, and several iPoker rooms including Bet365 on the new iPoker software (visit our forum for the new Bet365 settings). It also works at Titan and BetnGo on the classic iPoker software. We’ll be adding more sites soon, and as always all existing license holders will get the upgrades free.

Enjoy your summer and we’ll see you or your bot at the final table soon!

July 16, 2016

How to notice a poker bot?

Whatever you use bot or not it's good to know how to spot a poker bot. Some clever MTT players use the bot only at the early stages of the tournaments so spotting bots can be a very useful skill for them.

If you are using poker bot you can do preventive measures to not indicate the signs!

Most common sign:

- Players who play too much time and/or on too much tables. Of course some human players have this trait also. Protection: simply don't play too much time! And be realistic!

- Repeated use of certain bet-sizings. Many human do this too but you can protect from it yourself by writing codes which use random commands before make bet decisions in the ppl: "Random <= X" For example:

When Hand = AA
spot a poker bot
When raises = 0  and calls = 0  and Random <= 25  raise 189% force
When raises = 0  and calls = 0  and Random <= 50  raise 151% force
When raises = 0  and calls = 0  and Random <= 75  raise 126% force
When raises = 0  and calls = 0  100% force force

Identical timing on each decision: our bot has built-in random protection so don't worry about this!

- Will not respond in chat. It isn't a big sign but may be considered.

- Sit out at foreseeable times, for example when the table get shorthanded. You can prevent this too with proper ppl code.